Edmonton comedy favorite Amy Shostak plays “Rebecca” the snide Video Game Tester who is a constant thorn in the side of Crad, Addison and October in the Prototype Testing Department. She knows that because she works in a digital medium, that she is cooler than everyone else at work, but even if she didn’t, she’d still think that.


Theatre Actor Andrew MacDonald Smith plays “Bernard” the leader of the pack of Video Game Testers who are constantly on our heroes nerves. Life is a competition for Bernard, and with opponents like Crad, October and Addison, he is setting himself up to win!

New Bernard

Improv specialist Jessie McPhee plays “New Bernard”, the latest addition (substitution) to the VGT team. Not much is known of New Bernard’s origins, only that the guys seem to resent his presence more than anyone’s.


Edmonton actor and comedian William Mitchell plays “Garret” a man so burdened by headgear and braces, that no one can understand a word he says. Nonetheless, his loyalty to his fellow Video Game Testers is absolute, a match for his hatred of The Prototype Testing Department. If you need him, he might be with Bernard in the “Masturbatorium”!

Amy Shostak Biography

Amy has been performing with Rapid Fire Theatre since 2002, and is the current Artistic Director. Amy is also a writer and performer, having been involved in numerous collaborative projects, including A Watched Pot Never Boyles (Globe Theatre, Edmonton Fringe) and My Name is Jonas (Nextfest, Edmonton Fringe). She has also written for The Irrelevant Show (CBC Radio), and was recently named one of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40. She loves heavy metal and naps.

Andrew MacDonald Smith Biography

Andrew is an award winning actor, singer, & dancer. He is the Assistant Producer for the Edmonton-based company Teatro La Quindicina and has appeared in countless productions across Canada, including One Man, Two Guvnors, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Mary Poppins, and Avenue Q on Broadway in New York City. Andrew has guest starred on the Canadian Comedy Award winning Die-Nasty, the Live Improvised Soap Opera, and has appeared in Dirt City Films’ The Man That Got Away and APTN’s Caution: May Contain Nuts.

Jessie McPhee Biography

Jessie improvises at the weekly Rapid Fire Theatre Theatresports shows and more recently in Rapid Fire’s CHiMPROV with his two troops: DOTDOTDOT with Joleen Ballendine, and Like Father, Like Son with Julian Faid. Jessie is a drama major at the University of Alberta, and is currently collectively creating shows with Break the Wall Productions.

Will Mitchell Biography

Will has had an excellent time playing Garret. An Edmonton-based actor, Will keeps himself busy on stages around town, and is often seen during the Fringe. He has done some voice over and film work for Fort Edmonton Park, and is proud to add Tiny Plastic Men to his resume as his first television project.

When he isn’t acting, Will can be found in front of one of his game consoles neglecting his wife, or behind a DM’s screen rollin’ 20’s and blowin’ minds.