Chris Craddock plays “Crad”, a single Dad with a bad anger problem, a dead end job, and a precocious daughter who makes it all worth it.

His work days consist of testing toys at Gottfried Brothers Toy and Train Company with his two oddball friends Addison and October, and crushing on his unattainable boss, Alexandra.

He wants to be more, but his rage, and his friends, hold him back, and isn’t that what friends are for?

Chris Craddock Biography

Chris Craddock is a Canadian Theatre/Comedy guy who made up this TV show with his friends.

He’s written plays like Faithless, Wrecked, PornStar and created a gay rap musical Bash’d with Aaron Macri and Nathan Cuckow that won a 2007 GLAAD award for NYC Theatre. He’s done a jillion other weird things, but this one is the best.