Belinda Cornish plays Alexandra, the oversexed boss at Gottfried toys, who splits her time between her dalliances and running the company with an iron hand and a Chinese manufacturing force.

She has her hands full deflecting lawsuits, drinking in her office, and running damage control for her senile father.

Belinda Cornish Biography

Belinda is a British-born, Edmonton-based actor and writer, who had the honor of being nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for her portrayal of Alexandra in Tiny Plastic Men and won Best Actress at the Alberta Film and Television Awards for the same role. She has worked with a number of local theatre companies, including the Freewill Shakespeare Festival, the Mayfield Theatre and the Citadel.

She is an artistic associate with Teatro La Quindicina, and recently won a Sterling Award for Shadow Theatre’s production of her play Little Elephants.

Belinda is a core cast member of the Canadian Comedy Award winning Die-Nasty, the Live Improvised Soap Opera, and has voiced characters for Bioware’s Mass Effect series, as well as Dragon Age and Dragon Age: Awakenings.